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Where do I even begin? I was recruited by an acquaintance whom I really liked.

Somewhere in my gut (listen to your gut people), I knew the business model of this and other MLM's was not legitimate. However, my husband was in the process of losing his business and I felt enormous financial pressure to do something to help him. Working from home sounded great and the line of makeup/skincare Motives/Market America produces is actually above decent. I am an esthetician and makeup artist by trade, so it like a fit.

I felt that I could sell the products and create my own Bridal Makeup (on-location) company. My motivations were to increase profits with the makeup. I was wrong. After over a year of attending numerous paid training sessions, flying out to their big siss-boom-ba rally in North Carolina and even being pressured to shell out more money that I already had on my $3000 makeup kit, I was beginning to understand how this would unfold.

They are masters of luring you in with a promise of financial security. After they used your friends and family to lure you into the business, they used celebrities (albeit washed up ones) to charm you with larger than life speeches at their conventions and PR efforts. I believe Kim Kardashian, Fat Joe and some athletes are "on-board" with their marketing--all of whom have sketchy pasts. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually cried at one of JR Ridinger's (the owner) speeches.

I realize clearly now how Hitler led the masses away slowly and steadily with charm and a belief and hope for something "better". I guess MLM's appeal to some level of greed within many--but truly, I just wanted a job where I could work from home, doing something I enjoyed. I began my efforts to recruit--but quickly realized their training/recruiting program felt awkward and weird, so revised it to suit what felt honest and natural to me. I even decided I would only find people for my "team" of downlines who could legitimately use and sell the makeup/skincare (i.e.

makeup artists, salons). I aggressively marketed to those people and in all the man-hours I put in, only recruited one girl and one salon. She was fresh out of beauty school and excited about the opportunity, as was I at the time. As things evolved, I thought I would only target salons as I could legitimately sell a lot of product quickly through them and make more money.

The problem was, MLM's are not set up for legitimate business, so in order to make commissions like a sales rep, I needed to recruit a team of people buying hundreds of dollars worth of product, while balancing out both sides of the payment structure (a near impossibility) to earn the commissions from my decent sales at the salon. In other words, I was working for free most of that year for the salon (hosting beauty events, spending 3 days a week in the salon promoting it to their customers). I finally approached the salon owner and took a makeup artist position with them in order to make any money at all. I did receive 2 paychecks from Market America which didn't even cover the start-up costs of getting into the business that year.

Sadly, my salon forgot to make a purchase ($100-$300 required monthly on average) on time from Motives and they refused to send her her $600 commission check. She was furious and guess who ended up looking ridiculous? After running the numbers at the salon, she was break even on profits even though we had sold a TON of products (maybe 10-15K). In order to earn her "commissions" on all that she had sold to her clientele, she had to have a team underneath her--which was a nightmare to deal with if you are running a legitimate business.

Soon afterwards, I realized enough was enough. I pulled out of Market America and recommended to the salon owner that she do the same. Now she only retails the product (since she has thousands of dollars worth of testers invested) and no longer tries to earn commission. She only earns 30% profit on those sales--probably half of what another 'real' vendor would provide for her.

The ONLY upside, is the custom blended makeup where the profits are 300%...and for that, she can go directly to the manufacturer and get rid of these scammers. I feel *** and defrauded, but more importantly angry that I brought anyone else into this mess. I feel good about my decision to cut it off. In the process of all of this happening, I was developing my own on-location Bridal Business--a legitimate company.

It has flourished this year and tripled in profits. At least something good came out of this situation. Don't be fooled into thinking MA is a way to "own your own business". It's not.

Don't be fooled into thinking other people who failed at it must have done something wrong. That's the furthest thing from the truth. The statistical fact is (look at the tiny print on the back of their recruitment booklet), only 1-3% of people make any profit (that doesn't mean good money). Right there should be a sign that this is a scheme.

I thought I could make something legit out of it in my approach, but even that was stifled by their business model. It was impossible to do and every financial gain works in their favor, not yours.

Check out this site--it's been a huge help to me after going through this.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with their products and stated that there is a room for improvement of their business model. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss multi level marketing. Market America needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned multi level marketing in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Market America.

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Stepping on your friends and treating them like cattle doesn't sound like a friendship to me. Bet you lost your friends when they didn't produce to your expectations or once they realized your friendship was to make them money....


seriously PEOPLE, by reading comments here you can already pass a judgement?? If they are such scammer, illegitimate....there is no authority?

I challenge you to understand the how it works by active listening, ask as many questions objectively as an outsider.

If you have not even step into the seminar and sit through 8 hours of it...how can you comment to misled the rest. Duplication is not easy to do...just try on your own kids/family, let alone people from all walks of life. You think only Market America recruiters behaves like this? Many others like Herbalife, Usana, Nuskin, Malaleluca, all have such people.

When they fail at one company the hop to another.

Hence creating a bad name in every company they went to. Those who made it right are still in that original company...those are the people duplicated it correctly and in a sustainable.


shop.com is just a scam of how greedy people fall for it, now they are target chinese community to join! How sad!!!

BBB should raid this scam artist and close them down

to eugene #1364027

Yeah. Hong Kong and Singapore were done "marketitized".

Now they are targeting Malaysia.

I have listened to their presentatio today. Literally, bull ***.

to JeCC #1369624

Who came and presented to you?

I am invited to go for this and check on review on the internet and found you.

to JeCC #1393833

just go listen for yourself, understand the facts....importantly listen to different people or team....if you have done a fair assessment...then come back here to comment. The problem lies in people MLM is fast money....NO it is NOT.

So they become desperate to recruit...or sell you anything and everything. Talk to or listen to the one that is not desperate !!

Mansfield, Texas, United States #1329772

This sounds more like a sob-story than a legitimate review of an MLM. Is your first name Wendy, and last name Whiner?

The fact is, you get out what you put into any business. Break momentum and your business can topple down. This is true with any business, not just MLM.

Why in the world would you stop your MLM if your retail sales are strong; this doesn't make any sense.

Google "Top 100 MLM" and check-out their numbers... it comes to $Billions, and you tell me it doesn't work?

It didn't work for you because you either had the wrong attitude or lazy or both.

If you want to be a business owner, whether MLM or Brick-n-Mortar (Store Front), be prepared to work your @ss off. If you do, be prepared to take a chunk of the $Billions and enjoy.

One thing this review didn't mention, most businesses stop making money when they are not working, just like the Salon. Shut your doors, make no money. The beauty I see in MLM is residual income.

Once you paid your dues, built your business, you earn residual income.

Retire and the checks keep coming in. Peace.

to Mike Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, United States #1345473

Try to explain how people work and share the part of the profit suppose you made it.


Glad I read this article before I made any decision. I mean when I comes to money always made me suspicious.

Yeah I have to pay $30 for speech such a ***. There are tons of awesome speech online free. Other than that the article sounds exactly what happened on me. BTW, BBB is not trustful in my mind.

I knew oil and gas company they paid BBB to rated them as A+ Guess what happened after? SEC sued them for fraud. The concept shop.com talked about shares and profit doesn't make sense. If it's share equally, everyone gets 100% what does other part come from?

Simple math question. Anyways, use your guts once it comes to money.

Buffalo, New York, United States #1255954

Can't believe the BS in this article !!

Everything that was shared with us has been incredible with this company!!

When you understand this is not a MLM company and purchase stuff you are already buying, you to will enjoy the over $73K are family has been able to earn with this REMARKABLE SYSTEM.

Not sure what the author of this article missed !!!!!

to Paul #1270553

Heres where to determine if it's legit or not:



We are rated A+ with BBB

to Anonymous #1246990

The problem with that is that the BBB almost gives that out to any business that pays them enough money. BBB has no competition, and most businesses don't care. I am currently a Senior Master Coordinator pin level.

to Anonymous Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #1277714

My names Andrew why hide behind anonymous and give a review it ruins your b.s. Credibility


Its not a monthly $100-$300 sales, its quarterly! This is NOT a MLM and I question your authenticity. You sure you actually dont work for a true MLM and trying to make this company look bad because we are actually very successful?

to Lee01 #1246992

She makes it seem like she had a quota. No, MA does not have a quota, but there is a minimum amount of volume that has to be purchased.

Which is essentially a quota.

Sure, I am successful at Senior Master Coordinator, but at what cost? I will tell you: 11 personally introduced business partners, customer base of 8, 40 hours a week on this business alone, and 4 failed business partners/friends.

to Anonymous #1464815

Stepping on your friends and treating them like cattle too. Bet you lost a lot of your friends when they didn't produce to your expectations or once they realized your friendship was to make them money....

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1226968

About 25 years ago my niece (5 years younger than me) and her husband - both hardworking, sincere and educated were 'recruited' by Market America. We had a home showcase for them where we invited friends and just about anyone else we could think of.

The niece - a math major with a degree- wanted to stay home with her little one. I get it. Sounds perfect, right? OMG - then it started - they had tried very hard without success to recruit my husband who was a self employed contractor and me (stay at home mom) at the time.

They had their 'friend' come to our house and give us the hard sell. My husband kept telling him - either way you look at this - it is a pyramid scheme. No! the friend kept saying - "it's an umbrella business model!" I will stop here and tell you I do not want to 'sell' anything to anyone - ever!

Never have, never will. So the hard sell didn't work on me either.

These people are to be avoided.

to ELW Buffalo, New York, United States #1255962

How does he sell his Contracting Business to clients???

I don't like to sell either, but have been very successful with this incredible System!!

Its your advise that needs to be avoided !!!



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