Market America Isotonix Supplement Reviews

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I have been a customer of Market America / SHOP.COM for about ten years now and have always had a positive experience ordering products from them. I personally use six of the Isotonix line of neutraceutical supplements and also their Complete Greens supplement. I feel my overall health and energy has greatly improved with the use of these products. I also like that I can have the items auto shipped each month and earn cashback doing it. ...
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I liked
  • Excellent products
  • Products and cashback
I have been a customer of Market America for awhile now. I had a vitamin D deficiency for years and not many supplements have helped me improve my levels of vitamin D until I tried their Isotonix products. They make a vitamin D product that quickly got my levels back to normal and I only have to take it maybe twice a week at the most now. That is a lot easier than taking a daily supplement. So that turned me on to some of their other products...
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I liked
  • Products and their cashback program
Market America's MPCP is the most realistic plan for the average person out there. It is based on sales and building a customer base. The plan works as designed. The Market America products are some of the best I have ever used. Well formulated and I love taking their Isotonix products (liquid vitamins) every AM. I also just completed their 21 day TLS program and had great results. I have been a happy Unfranchise owner now for 3 years and I have...
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I liked
  • Customer service
Could not get their Isotonic product out of the bottle after a month or two, due to it having coagulated with moisture. Although they sell via resellers and Amazon-- and their packaging holds quantities that last long over 30 days-- they only offer product support if purchased direct from them and within 30 days. Phone support is robot-like. I recommend finding another source for nutraceuticals. Separately, I am curious as to why this site...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service
  • Product