I was very interested in Market America.I was contacted by a person I know and they were very heavly invested into market america.

What I didn't like is when they constantly used the terms 'BV' and 'IBV'. BV are products that are available exclusive through the company and IBV are partner companies such as K-mart, Best Buy etc etc. To get initiated, you must put money down to purchase products. I was told I need '600 BV' to get started.

Well in my mind, what exactly is BV equivalant to in real life money. It is just over $1000. For these times where the economy is hard and jobs are not easy to come by, telling a person to spend $1000 on *** I don't need, and promising them it will sell, is a lot of money. Promise is nice and all, but if I dont hear the words "I guaranty you will sell..." is not very reassuring.

Again, remember, it is over $1000 you could be throwing away. So after the $1000 well spent, you have to purchase 50BV every month. 50BV equates to about $134. For me, I am a single man living on my own, I don't spend $134 a month on nutriants or supplments or shampoo or energy drinks.

Where this all went wrong with me is this and this is why I got upset. After I gave the individuals my credit card information for my initial $1000 down, this person CHOSE and DID NOT tell me about the 50BV I had to buy every month. He took my credit card information and used it so he could get 50BV added onto his score too. Again he fraudulantly used my credit card.

I report it and him to market america and nothing was done. This is a pretty good representation of how market America does business. It is a pyramid scheme. Please remember this, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

If you make money off of the person below you and also with the person below them, it is illegal. Also remember this,you go to work to MAKE money, NOT PAY money. When I go to work today, I do not go to get a bill. I go to get paid.

Can Market America be profitable? Sure. Any company can be. But in the case of pyrimid schemes, you need to be the first few people to join.

I looked at the top people making money in MA, guess who they are, JR (owner) and the 15 people who he got to join him.

Save yourself the money and time and don't go and do not join this.People should not have to sell you the company, you should want to join the company and you should have to sell yourself to the company.

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So, what you are saying is you didn't do your due diligence and research the company compensation program or how the system works before you handed over the 1st $1000, and - new nothing about the required 50BV as an active business builder/ unfranchise owner expects to spend on a business each month.I don't think you understand how much it costs to run the Real Pyramid business called the Corporation.

At least with Networking businesses, I'm rewarded for my efforts instead of having to either do unethical practices or be a part of the Good Ol Boy's Club if I'm even invited into a group like that, for the hopes of climbing the Corporate ladder. Corporations, where Employee's are replaceable and promotions are limited. That is a Pyramid, not network marketing.

Granted, there are some MLM"s I've been a brief part of that have no business being in business, but Market America is not one of them; I'm speaking from experience.

I think this is my 12th MLM I"ve signed up for. I've been an active and semi active part of all of them. It takes time to learn how to network. I now call the first 11 tries "training to get me ready for the best net=work=marketing business I've found", and (I've done my research!!!).

Hands down, Market America is the best opportunity for me, as I've stayed (open) to opportunities, even after 11 MLM fails. The info is searchable on Google.

Do your due diligence, and research it for yourself, that is the only way...

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Jackson, New Jersey, United States #1248849

The GREAT thing about this business, which all of you has definitely missed ONE of the many things that different about this business.Everything is 100% up and down and infinity when it comes to BV and IBV.

It does not matter who us Under you or above you. its Team Work. We all leverage off eachothers efforts.

you guys are missing out on a real opportunity .All of negative Nancys need to see the plan again and realize you Are all WRONG.


First it's not a grand it's 400 and Chang and what this *** didn't say is all the web portal u get and they tell you to get these products to get familiar with them is this company for everyone no but if you can make a residual income would you pass up the chance to look at it no market America has an a+ eating one bbb. You can't start a business and expect it to do work for you put in the work


I agree, I cant stand the words BV &IBV I got roped into this scheme by family & it is like paying to say you work for a company.Being a single parent its hard to spend $130+ monthly to promise you income in two years.

And it most surely is a pyramid scheme they want you to recruit 2 people & those two people recruit 2 people.I fortunately am stuck in it because of my family.


I am not a market America distributor but I am a business owner. My business cost me tens of thousands of dollars to start and now my monthly overhead is thousands of dollars. What you're describing is not unreasonable to own a business.

to Anonymous #1053722

I have NEVER had to pay any money to earn money. Huge warning sign right there. When you have all those red flags, you know that a scam is not far away.

to Anonymous #1388181

do you have to pay money to buy a business???? That's what this is, a business.

Los Angeles, California, United States #971146

I've been paying $69.95 + $5 SHIPPING for Market America OP3 for a few months, then I found this company that sells a OP3 product for only $39.95 with FREE SHIPPING which is better then the Market America OP3.

I've also compared Market America other products that earns BV points and Market America prices are higher than what you can find at other sites or Walmart, etc.

If I sign up with Market America how can I sell products that is higher than what's out there. Sooner or later people will wise up to Market America high prices.

to anonoymous Jackson, New Jersey, United States #1248845

Because when you purchasr OPC 3 directly from MA , you are geting tip of the line products. When you purchase cheaper OPC 3 from other websites it can be near expiring from people who want to get rid of it.

Clinton, Tennessee, United States #904302

Well, I guess I got out very easy.I was about to hand over my money, but decided to do some checking on the owner.

Turns out, he and his wife like to flaunt their riches and prefer to hang out with celebrities, rather than common folks.

Pathetic. Those common folks are what got him rich, selling his products.

He also has a history of deception concerning shares. He was fined by the SEC, and even in spite of that, did more deceptive acts concerning shares.

When I brought my findings to the attention of the person who was going to "recruit" me, the entire group shunned me.


Shunned, but I still have my money while they are paying for this. Paying for that. Paying for tickets to go see their cult leader get richer by their hard earned money. All these people are doing is paying out and paying out and paying out.

The person who was recruiting me showed me her account. She was so proud that she had $65 sitting in her Market America backend account. Really? A whole $65???!!!!

Woo hoo! You spent well over $1,000 on their products, plus more each month to maintain that BV! Oh my. I saved over $1,000 by not buying into the same scheme they did.

Now, they will never ever get their investment back because they have to keep buying products each month. I also saw how much she was buying. Bottles and bottles sitting around unused because the monthly requirement is more than she can consume. How's that...

Shun me... go ahead. I did my homework before forking over money. I will not support a man who prefers to hang around celebrities than common folks.

Wow..I even got ditched from Facebook by that so-called friend who was so angry that I did my homework. How professional of you people pushing MA on people then getting angry and acting unprofessional when the thinking people ask tough questions. Don't like your cult leader being challenged, do you?

Do your homework people.Check out the shareholder fraud and deception on the owner, and research what he and his wife REALLY think of you...suckers!

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