Market America is a Scam

I was very interested in Market America.I was contacted by a person I know and they were very heavly invested into market america.

What I didn't like is when they constantly used the terms 'BV' and 'IBV'. BV are products that are available exclusive through the company and IBV are partner companies such as K-mart, Best Buy etc etc. To get initiated, you must put money down to purchase products. I was told I need '600 BV' to get started.

Well in my mind, what exactly is BV equivalant to in real life money. It is just over $1000. For these times where the economy is hard and jobs are not easy to come by, telling a person to spend $1000 on *** I don't need, and promising them it will sell, is a lot of money. Promise is nice and all, but if I dont hear the words "I guaranty you will sell..." is not very reassuring.

Again, remember, it is over $1000 you could be throwing away. So after the $1000 well spent, you have to purchase 50BV every month. 50BV equates to about $134. For me, I am a single man living on my own, I don't spend $134 a month on nutriants or supplments or shampoo or energy drinks.

Where this all went wrong with me is this and this is why I got upset. After I gave the individuals my credit card information for my initial $1000 down, this person CHOSE and DID NOT tell me about the 50BV I had to buy every month. He took my credit card information and used it so he could get 50BV added onto his score too. Again he fraudulantly used my credit card.

I report it and him to market america and nothing was done. This is a pretty good representation of how market America does business. It is a pyramid scheme. Please remember this, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

If you make money off of the person below you and also with the person below them, it is illegal. Also remember this,you go to work to MAKE money, NOT PAY money. When I go to work today, I do not go to get a bill. I go to get paid.

Can Market America be profitable? Sure. Any company can be. But in the case of pyrimid schemes, you need to be the first few people to join.

I looked at the top people making money in MA, guess who they are, JR (owner) and the 15 people who he got to join him.

Save yourself the money and time and don't go and do not join this.People should not have to sell you the company, you should want to join the company and you should have to sell yourself to the company.

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Nov 21, 2014 Clinton, Tennessee

Well, I guess I got out very easy. I was about to hand over my money, but decided to do some checking on the owner. Turns out, he and his wife like to flaunt their riches and prefer to hang out with celebrities, rather than common folks.
Pathetic. Those common folks are what got him rich, selling his products.
He also has a history of deception concerning shares. He was fined by the SEC, and even in spite of that, did more deceptive acts concerning shares.
When I brought my findings to the attention of the person who was going to "recruit" me, the entire group shunned me.
Shunned, but I still have my money while they are paying for this. Paying for that. Paying for tickets to go see their cult leader get richer by their hard earned money. All these people are doing is paying out and paying out and paying out. The person who was recruiting me showed me her account. She was so proud that she had $65 sitting in her Market America backend account. Really? A whole $65???!!!! Woo hoo! You spent well over $1,000 on their products, plus more each month to maintain that BV! Oh my. I saved over $1,000 by not buying into the same scheme they did. Now, they will never ever get their investment back because they have to keep buying products each month. I also saw how much she was buying. Bottles and bottles sitting around unused because the monthly requirement is more than she can consume. How's that investment working out for you now? Shun
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Free from the lie

Oct 14, 2014 Bradford, Pennsylvania

For those who jump up and down about investing $400 to start a business, shame on you. You should keep punching the time clock to make your bosses dreams happen. You do not have what it takes to run a business. $400 is nothing, it is a small investment. $150 a month is nothing, wake up. You have a poor man attitude. Stop drinking that girly Starbucks drink everyday, stop smoking, stop the energy drink habit. You are only talking a $5 a day investment. It is not your fault that you have been conditioned by the system. This began when you were a child and had to go to school. You got up early went to school from 8 to 3 (add home work) you had a ten hour day. Then you enter the real world and work an 8 plus hour day.
To break free from this sheep mentality you must strive for more than a 9 to 5. I have a six figure income and have not worked 9 to 5 or punched a time clock in 15 years. Losers stop trying, winners never give up.
Stop crying like little babies, man up, and move forward. Yep, if you are hurt by what I said then you know it is the truth.

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scam informer

Feb 10 Naperville, Illinois

I doubt u make 6 figures w. MA. If u do...u got in very early. Perhaps u are buds w JR. He is actually a genius. He broke away from amway... twisted the "system" a bit...renamed it the "unfranchise" system, and now is making millions on the "lambs" who follow him. I'm not saying he is a good person. I have met him and I don't think he cares a spit about his 1000's of distributors who average 2.00 an hour selling his overpriced products. Simply look at the system. U get recruited by someone. U recruit 2 more... those 2 recruit 2 more etc. Pure MLM OR PYRAMID SCHEME. I really don't know of other companies who force u to by their products. I worked for GM (general motors) for a decade. I did not have to purchase a new car every year. But when I did.. I received hefty discounts. I wish all MA distributors all the luck. U will need it.

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Mar 15 Concord, Ontario

yeah, i also know a guy whose mazda got scratched allover in the parking lot of the GM factory he worked for.... Ha ha. Probably by too zealot coworkers who felt that he should drive a GM car. Keep working at GM. That is a noble thing to do. Who cares for the self ownership and entrepreneurship headaches? certainly not a GM worker. you should really not bother to look at this business. You have been too spoiled by your company. so stay there. But if you loose your job and no one will give you a similar pay then call me. :)

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Mar 15 Concord, Ontario

This is sadly so true. I cannot tell you how many times I heard people saying that "why should the company take $ 150 every month of my credit card". It happens because these people are too lazy to read or too *** to comprehend. I am sorry people if you feel offended but as a traditional business owner, i can tell you that before my clinic door opens every morning it costs me about $270 to $300 PER DAY in rent, staff salaries, telefon, internet, cleaner etc...(you do the math if i tell you my monthly expenses are about $8500 before i start making any money. And did i ever complain that my landlord takes money from my pocket? How could I? this is a business expense well understood by any business owner, big or small! the problem is when you take average Joe who never had a business and try to make him understand that you cannot harvest wheat if you did not sow it. So when I was told that my initial investment would be $399 and monthly "rent" about $150- $300 and make easily more money than the clinic in 3-4 years program having the clinic all along too, i thought it was a no brainer. I have been in market america business now about 10 months and made a total commission of about $3500 . Some may say that I barely got back what i put in and they may be right . The point is that the residual income is growing and the distance between the pay cheques is shortening. And i cannot say that i worked very hard, for sure not as hard as I did when I started the clinic 17 years ago; but... Show more

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Aug 14, 2014

Exactly. The company makes money out of you to join the pyramid. You have to shred out 1000 dollars and each month had to spend about 100 dollar as a mandatory to stay and the up line distributor takes credit for it and her bv added to theirs
You can't even make money off selling retail from your mandatory monthly products. Because you get it a few dollars cheaper but guess what all the *** such as administrative fees, shipping fees n taxes will come out to be the same price that anyone could get at the ma website. So no one is going to buy from you when they can buy off eBay or other place for way less and if you try do sell them in eBay your not making redial profit your losing money

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Jul 26, 2014

The problem isn't the concept. It's the products.
If I opened my own restaurant, of course there would be start up investment costs, monthly fees for maintaining it, and the task of promoting it to potential customers but AT LEAST it would be worth it to do all of that to sell something that I actually believed in. I'm not going to be too motivated to sell lesser quality versions of products for the same price, if not more than someone can get from a brand that they already know.
I refuse to believe that the people who are actually earning money from this company are making it from actual sales profits. They are making commission from their "recruits"... And sadly, the recruits are usually friends/family who are either trying to be polite or have been convinced into believing they're being handed some golden opportunity.
So when people say it's a scam, maybe it's not one in the traditional sense but I consider it a pretty dishonest practice to sell someone a dream that you know will never materialize just to get that initial investment from them. These members already know that by the time the person realizes that they were given false hopes and quit, it won't matter because they've already profited from them signing up and they'll be onto the next naive person to brainwash.
I have more respect for drug dealers than these so-called "business owners" because in the end, they gain a profit but lose a friend. If that's the only way you're able to run a business
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Jul 06, 2014

I usually don't comment but felt like i should give my two cents.
Yeah, i'm an unfranchise owner. But i won't be talking about the benefits of being part of Market America. Nor do i feel the need to be composed or polite.
Those of you who aren't part of MA, i assumed you all got something going on in your life. Some could be making big bucks, most are making average income or even below that. I respect that. Let's not talk about MA vs this and that. Let's discuss about the winners and losers.
What i've caught reading the comments were "brain washing", "asians/chinese", "losing friends", etc. A lot of ppl have already explained the concept of running a business. Huge capital to start up, success not guaranteed, most operate at a loss in the first 3-5 years. So i'll just touch on the keywords.
First, you losers doubt the validity of the millionaires from MA or that the number ratio is too small. Now what does it take to be a millionaire? what's the population of millionaires out there excluding those from MA? Not all MA reps make this much or even aim to make this much. It's the lifestyle they seek. I tell you if you join for the money, you're not going to last. Some MA reps/ unfranchise owners here wrote some really polite comments, maintaining their professionalism which is commendable. But i certainly don't feel the need to you close minded idiots.
In any facet of life, there are winners and losers; MA not excluded. So naturally there are those that quit and
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May 25, 2014

Yo this similar like Rich Dad education scheme where they encourage people to charge their credit card, write a check or pay cash for $300 to sign up. Bogus biz!!!!#

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May 23, 2014 Bronx, New York

Really oops (no personal attacks)ha ha ha mmm the cost to start an unfranchise business is under $500.00,Fast Starts Kits $399+ taxs not $1000.00. In New York its actually $440.00 or so with tax. Where do you come off publicly attacking and spreading lies and rumors about this company. This company operates with the highest ethical standards and was just recently awarded the Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau.People are making LIFE STYLE CHANGES in other words there getting rich I personally met over 300 millionaires in this company. What are you doing this :upset :cry :x while we do this :grin 8) :)

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May 04, 2014

your job is a pyramid scheme

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Apr 28, 2014

It sounds like a lot of people did what our government did - pass a bill to find out what's in it. Why would you ever join something and THEN learn the requirements? Just because you failed to do the proper vetting of the company beforehand, and couldn't *** it once you joined, doesn't make the company a scam!

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lost friend

Mar 26, 2014

I was sucked in by a friend and lost money and my friends went to GNC to buy product at a third of the cost Then I found the book on false profits very fitting those at the top make out try and sell this to people with a tight budget for $70.00 a bottle and friends and family :upset think your crazy...By the way my friend deserted me after I left the company..

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Mar 10, 2014

I am a new distributor with Market America...signed up less than a month ago. I was told initially you need 300 BV, which cost me about $640. Yes, it's still quite a bit of money if you're on a strict budget, but my point being the training material that came with my initial order all says start up is 300 BV. They even have a "fast start" which has predetermined products along with some support materials like catalogs. The cost for that was under $400. Not sure why you were told $1000 buy in.
Also, the 50 BV requirement may be over $100 for some people, but it may be less for others. One OPC-3 antioxidant is 42.5 BV alone. Things you already would buy like laundry detergent and dish soap would take care of those last few BV points needed. Sell the OPC if you don't want to use it yourself.
My opinion to readers of this is, check it out for yourself. This business is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

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Nov 06, 2013 Richmond, Virginia

And for all of you citing statistics on the success rate of MA this one's for you. Over 70% of real estate agents fail in their first year. So by your logic I guess that makes real estate a scam.

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Nov 06, 2013 Richmond, Virginia

Make sure you get your facts straight when you make comments like this. MA has created over 100 millionaires and well over 1000 people are making 6 figures. I agree with you on one thing. Don't join this if you have an "employee" mentality. Employees make money for other people. "Entrepreneurs" make money for themselves.

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Oct 23, 2013

What part of a business don't you get - yes if you want to work for an hourly paycheck your whole life have at it. Does a business owner make money off his sales team .... yes he/she does! As far as pyramid scheme - you get products and a business - buy a Panera or Starbuck and see how much money you have to put out. Do they make money off of selling products .... oh .... yes they do. Would you have to put out money every month - oh wait ... yes you would... Do they make money off customers ... Oh wait - that must be a pyramid scheme too! You have the mentality of an hourly worker - not entrepreneur - good thing you got out! :zzz

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Feb 02, 2014 College Park, Maryland

yes they make money off of customers, not their employees- very different thing. Panera is not based upon a chain of profit. As I stated in another post, buy product at cost, and sell it and make money, don't sell it and fail. You are responsible entirely for your own sales, which provides value to your customers.
What makes MA and others like it legal (barely) is that the product is really the idea of entrepreneurship, and the profit is made by selling this idea to new sales reps - the actual product you are supposed to be able to buy at cost does not actually benefit you because you are purchasing it from another rep, who is purchasing it from another rep... etc. etc. When the chain breaks, the bottom links are out of luck because no one is buying the products at a discounted rate- all of you are buying the products for exactly the same price from each other, depending on recruits below you in order to earn money off the product (passed up to the line when you buy yours, and your sponsor buys his, etc. etc)
If this were a value providing business, all of you would buy your product from one source - MA, and sell it if you can. Recruiting would not be a part of the requirements of continued franchise "ownership." This is important because you must buy the product at wholesale so you can make money off of your sales. If you have to spend more than you can realistically make in order to purchase the product you are reselling, then not only is it a bad investment for a
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Apr 22, 2014

Thank you for your input. This makes perfect sense! Enlightening!

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Exec. Coord. MA

Jul 25, 2014

ummmm. MA reps do not purchase from one another. Furthermore, EVERYONE shops at KMART, Walmart, etc... so... no, we are not going to run out of customers. I love how morons who don't even know the business plan... can write a thesis on it. dumb.

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