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When I joined into the Market America, I did not know my Executive Coordinator forced me to enroll for $399 for the starter kit, which it's useless. Also, I did not know the qualifications to run a business, so the ticket costs $30+ for local events, $100+ for regional events, and $500+ for international events, which were costly for the useless presentation. For starters, the business owner required them to spend over $100 on products and $20... Read more

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I wouldn't call this business a scam, because I didn't stick around long enough to be scammed. But in the two weeks I associated with these people they lied to me, couldn't answer any questions, and solicited my family for money-- no seriously, one girl I met twice went into the antique store my mom owns and asked for money so she could stay in this business, when my mother said no she went to one of my mom's coworkers claiming to be a friend of... Read more

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Ordered gift cards and never received them Three emails to customer service and no response. My order was showing on my account now nothing is there?! Not sure what is going on with this company. I would not order from them again. Read more

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I couldn't help but to laugh a bit to a lot when reading some of the bad experiences that some people may have had. The general public has been raised and taught to go to school and get a good job to work for someone's wealth that when they get in front of a good business plan or heard people who had joined in and struggling, they can't help but to get mad and raising the Red flag in their confusion and the biased story they heard. In some rare... Read more

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Market America is terrible. My family member joined and they are a completely different person. Not funny anymore, doesn't laugh, losing his/her hair, constantly thinking about the business he/she is not making money on, it is sad to see. What is even sadder to see is that Market America doesn't even create these products. They are just the middle man. Not to mention they force you to keep a minimum monthly balance of which most of their... Read more

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I do not like that People are submitting their nonsense reviews about Market America. People who are happy to be working a 9-5 Job and live pay check to pay check can continue to do so!! Those who claim that were forced to join in and pay $700 is utterly incorrect.. Market America is one og the best platforms out there who gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash & Residual promoting their brands, introduce people into the... Read more

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It really sickens me to read some of the reviews of this company. I see things like 'scam', 'pyramid', business plan too confusing (pay attention maybe would help). I have been in what is being termed MLM's and quickly saw the pitfalls and problems. It's like comparing a dog to an elephant...both animals, but Market America is not an MLM. If you are afraid of pyramids, maybe you had a bad experience in Egypt or failed high school geometry. The... Read more

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The Beauty Advisor (hereon BA) who recruited me was also a newbie. I was “presented the business plan” which I should have ran from, right there. The business plan is very confusing and makes no sense. I now realize it was created by good attorneys with the assistance of sharks. The BAR wanted me to purchase a very expensive kit ($399.00 plus tax and shipping). I said, no. The BA came along and said, “There is a sale going on for a kit until... Read more

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Their website, doesn't work. I am forced to call them each time I want to place an order and it costs more! I reported the error to them and no corrective action was taken. At first, I thought it was the credit card. So, I tried another one with the same result. Then I called them and placed the order with the exact same ordering information, billing, shipping, credit card, and it worked. I was informed that because I was placing the... Read more

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