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We bought into market america. We had a sponsor named Sophia Shen (La Quinta CA) who was to help us to learn the system and recruit new people. After a month we had a disagreement and she decided to ditch us. We kept trying to do the business buying bv and ibv as we were told only to get out to the end of the first quarter. Now we loose all points we had accumulated. I'm really mad about the lost revenue and points. No one would help us... Read more

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I am not sure why the Market America (MA) proponents here think that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Amazon endorse MA. I googled and couldn't find any connection with Warren Buffett. As for Bill Gates and Amazon their connection seems to be that MA bought of which they were initial investors and the MA buyout was an exit for them. The MA cashback pitch is similar to the old Microsoft Bing Cashback which Microsoft pulled the plug on and... Read more

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My son is not the same person. He's been drawn into a culture that does NOT support the family. He has a new family now and they keep him in rah rah meetings until all hours of the night ALL the time. He has disowned his father and hardly ever comes to family holidays, birthdays or picnics. When he does show up (very late in the evening) he can only talk about his "business". He has lost weight, lost sleep and NOT made much money. He does,... Read more

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I was around Market America from the beginning. I think you are being unfair to complain about something that is fully disclosed. Not only do you receive a manual which explains ever aspect of this business. In addition, their CEO is always preaching about being honest. As far as how many people make to to the higher level...its what you put into it. I can tell you I still see many people who started out in this company and they have... Read more

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I joined MA over 5 years ago. Admitting I was looking for a business that provided products to sell. I looked the online aspect and the idea of moving products online at stores you were already shopping on a daily basis. HOWEVER my sponsor did not tell me about the MA brands. He did not tell me about selling MA brands. Now I take responsibility for not doing my own research. HOWEVER- my sponsor was sponsor by the "Queen" herself. She told him to... Read more

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I partnered with Market America 7.5 years ago and can not believe how amazing this company is!!! As a Health Professional I can appreciate & understand the quality of the products that have helped so many, including my own Family!! Having a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as having won The Torch Award on integrity only validates the high standards of this company. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme but if you... Read more

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When I joined into the Market America, I did not know my Executive Coordinator forced me to enroll for $399 for the starter kit, which it's useless. Also, I did not know the qualifications to run a business, so the ticket costs $30+ for local events, $100+ for regional events, and $500+ for international events, which were costly for the useless presentation. For starters, the business owner required them to spend over $100 on products and $20... Read more

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I wouldn't call this business a scam, because I didn't stick around long enough to be scammed. But in the two weeks I associated with these people they lied to me, couldn't answer any questions, and solicited my family for money-- no seriously, one girl I met twice went into the antique store my mom owns and asked for money so she could stay in this business, when my mother said no she went to one of my mom's coworkers claiming to be a friend of... Read more

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Ordered gift cards and never received them Three emails to customer service and no response. My order was showing on my account now nothing is there?! Not sure what is going on with this company. I would not order from them again. Read more

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I couldn't help but to laugh a bit to a lot when reading some of the bad experiences that some people may have had. The general public has been raised and taught to go to school and get a good job to work for someone's wealth that when they get in front of a good business plan or heard people who had joined in and struggling, they can't help but to get mad and raising the Red flag in their confusion and the biased story they heard. In some rare... Read more

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