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Their website, doesn't work. I am forced to call them each time I want to place an order and it costs more! I reported the error to them and no corrective action was taken. At first, I thought it was the credit card. So, I tried another one with the same result. Then I called them and placed the order with the exact same ordering information, billing, shipping, credit card, and it... Read more

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this is great business people that say its a scam are people that don’t do the work if you do the work you will be great off and wont need a job the tracings are to help you build your business this is not a scam at all its not a mlm if you really look at plan you will know this :) have a great market America day so whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they’re taking about so let grow and help... Read more

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I joined market America and found it to be a bill of goods. First you have to find people to buy the expensive and sell products that are well hard to sell. Unless of course you are good at selling useless goods. Which many people buy or don't buy. Which brings me to my main point which is why bother to sell goods that are hard to sell in the first place. With that said why did I start saying... Read more

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I was a high school graduate with barely any money when my Asian neighbor introduced me with this business model and kept on & on about it, the BV & IBV , the *** weekly meetings, the seminars we have to pay for and the *** over priced every day items. The products pile up, dont sell themselves and its such a loss of money . Add comment

Is Market America a scam? A multi-level Pyramid? Not necessarily. It really can make good money. People like Elizabeth Webber are real. However, it may not happen to everyone. You see, in order for individuals like Elizabeth Webber to earn that much, there must be a mass numbers of individuals who are in the business but who are not recruiting people well and/or buying a lot of items with rather... Read more

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Curcumin is an extract that comes from Tumeric. The extraction methods used are toxic solvents which remain in the product thereafter. Some companies do not use these methods. I wrote an inquiry to a lady on their Curcumin Extreme blog site and was given a website to go to for my answer. I opened it only to find the information I had already seen hence the reason I asked the question. The... Read more

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If all of these bitter complaints were true, Market America would not consistently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. People have to remember that this is a shopping portal. Market America has no control over the partner stores that give poor customer service. In time, those bad stores will be eliminated from the portal, as they are continually monitored. Through the Isotinix... Read more

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Our Ultimate Aloe has many benefits. Curing cancer I cant say but it certainly in my opinion saved my husbands life. Ultimate Aloe is one of the most concentrated aloe products on the market! Supports a healthy digestive tract Supports a strong immune system Better digestion & nutrient absorption Additional Benefits - International Aloe Science Council (IASC) Certified, ensuring the best... Read more

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If you are easily brainwashed, then Market America is for you. My best friend of 30 years came for a visit. We didn't speak for a year cause she didn't like my opinion bout MA. ya know -- common sense gets in the way. She started in again bout OPC3 and *** shop buddy. and click this and click that then go here and check this box. and receive $1.03 back. and order the aloe supplement cause... Read more

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